Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Intention

Starting today, April 1st, I have joined somewhat of a writing cooperative, "30 days of write". The link to this blog is at A group brimming with 20 and 30-somethings that desperately miss their college non-fiction writing courses, "30 Days of Write" is perfect for me for this time in my life.
Some people, while well-intentioned, lack the internal motivation or direction to write, read, pump, and flex those sexy brain muscles. By some people, I probably am referring to myself. If spending my last four-years post-college slaving full-time in the food service industry didn't atrophy those mental muscles, then i'm sure that my zombification was caused by a combination of beer, playing and listening to excruciatingly abrasive music, and lack of "free time" to read and learn due to the challenges of daily life.
My motivation is two-fold
  • by finding the time to be creative, this will help me appreciate the importance of taking time out to vent, create, amuse, or ramble. Having a venue for personal expression is enormous.
  • I could really use the practice. I used to do some excellent fiction and non-fiction writing in the university setting. I don't know why I dropped it after '04, but it's time to pick it back up. I've picked up a few bad habits, and it's time to pick up a good one.

My Brothers and sisters, let's reach out to one another! Comment on each other's writings. Let's keep ourselves active and thinking. Do it!

("Black" from Pearljam is currently coming out of a neighbors jukebox. I can't not love that song. Nostalgia has always had me by the balls, it seems. )

-much love


tipsy texter said...

can't wait to read your stuff, bunch!!

s i n c l a i r said...

Black will always have me by the nuts too, bro. Glad to have you along.

Sarah said...

Your phrase "mental muscles" was right on. At least for me, writing isn't like riding a bike--it's like weightlifting. You can be okay at it, but to get better at it, there is work and practice and stretching and effort involved.

I'm looking forward to reading your contributions this month!