Monday, March 30, 2009

Fuck Blogs.


I'm going to keep doing it, I promise. I don't hate all blogs, nor do I necessarily hate my own blog. I just feel like my blog will be taking the place of real-life social interaction, which I'm not really having anyway.

In such a "happening" city such as Austin, and with the amount of good people that I know and wonderful companionships that I share with others, I would really like to not feel glued to my computer, when I should be out and about.

When there is a big event, show, or party, I have more than enough people to share these things with. However, when I crave a day at a coffee shop or a quick beer somewhere, I find difficulty at finding partnership at these endeavors. It bums me out sometimes.

I really have no problems with blogs, per se'; However, if blogging, e-mail, and texting become my primary means of communication with the outside world, some changes will have to be made.


ChicagoRilke23 said...

yeah i know what you mean but for many, i realize that the net is easier access than a personal visit or a phone call. also, i live a distance away from those i would like to hang out w/on a more regular basis.

but i hear ya on what you are saying. i wrote someone a letter and commented on the lack of personal, direct human contact...

Bunch said...

Yeah....I love Facebook because it keeps me in touch with New Orleanians, old friends, and people like you that can only be in town on weekends. That's nice. It's sad, though, that i interact so much online or by text with people that live in my neighborhood, and it seems like the best method.