Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bass on the one, Snare on the three

The DRUMSET has arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got a nice 5 piece drumset for Marie as a Xmas Gift (though I plan to use it too) - Marie already can hold down a basic beat - she's quite the badass. Paul helped me set up the drums correctly and gave Marie a quick drum lesson. Did a quick workout as well. Very productive day. We completed a lot of work around the house.

I'm cold, and we're now rocking old Fresh Prince episodes (we just finished the one where Will is pulling off his girlfriend's hair extensions, eyelashes, and lee-press on nails.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

One for one.

2013 - what a year!! Granted, there's only been one day so far, but I've thouroughly enjoyed it. 

2013 technically began with us meeting the neighbors across the street as they blew up loud fireworks and other stuff in the street in front of our driveway for new years. They were loud and entertaining, and Marie and I were just chilling on our front porch, doing the low-key thing. We heard a across-the-streeter say something to the degree of "those people across the street must think we're crazy, they're just staring at us" (obviously referring to us), so we felt it best to introduce ourselves. We had a good time with these new friends. They welcomed us with open arms - one of them even offered us a beer. The fireworks show on my street in Beacon Hill was pretty outstanding. We listened to the next door neighbors' Tejano Karaoke party till 4 AM. The good news about such a loud neighborhood (Metal band across street, neighbors do loud karaoke, other neighbors behind us have loud  roosters, and of course the choo-choo train) is that I'm less worried about blaring noise from our new music room. 

After waking up round noon (this wont work when school begins).......I ran at Woodlawn Lake. It was cold, wet, and a generally poor run ..... things hurt a little more when you're 32, and it's cold, and you're out of practice, and you've been eating shrimp po-boys in New Orleans the previous week. 

We then bought a Washer/Dryer combo (paid for as a Xmas Gift from the family), so that's exciting, being that I've been rocking Laundromats since the age of 18.  

Later,I worked out again (twice in one day, holy crap) with Marie, primarily lifting weights and doing the various P90X style pullups/pushups. Of course Marie  busted out an absurd amount of one-arm pushups (those boxing lessons have done her well), and I toughed it out through general old-man soreness and also did pretty well. Daily excercise isn't exactly a new years resolution, but I'm going to do my best.   

Very productive day #1 of 2013. I hope for this similar level of consistent badassery - because 2012 was often frustrating. Tomorrow we take the first step toward bring music back into our lives - I should be coming home w/ Marie's Christmas drumset. I was thrilled to be able to play a show with "Kill Idabelle", my good friends' band in New Orleans, and it went well without almost any preparation. It was my first time making loud noise in a bar in over a year, so it felt great, and reminded me that I need to keep making music. Tomorrow I pick up the drumset and dedicate the day to working on the music room. We also plan to attend many upcoming shows - Neurosis (Austin), Girl in a Coma, Dwight Yoakam, and Alabama Shakes (in New Orleans). I've basically had a year without music and I don't want to experience another one. 

We've got a lot going on that I'm not putting on the interwebz - more potential life changes on the way. 

Maybe I will blog more. Or maybe I will do this twice a year as usual. Who knows?