Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Blue eight bit robot man
shoots white dots at machines
greatest game ever

By a tender age
Techno villains I did defeat
and garnish their weapons

Quick man, such a bitch
laser beams everywhere
freeze the screen to win

A tear to my eye
evoked from Spark Man's theme
what a dork am I

the most socially relevant
musical subgenre


sk said...

awesome. video game haikus. I really enjoyed this.

JPM said...

love it. didn't previously know the term Nintendocore. Makes sense though. Makes me wish I could go to a Cat Scientists show :)

Bunch said...

Check out two nintendo-core bands, "The Advantage", and "The Mini-Bosses" (a Mega-Man themed nintendo rock band)

mister e said...

these are awesome!

Sarah said...

This was so excellent! Vivid and hilarious at the same time. Nice!

Now my goal is to use the phrase Nintendo-Core in conversation tomorrow. :)

ChicagoRilke23 said...

i enjoyed your video game related poems.

very entertaining.

s i n c l a i r said...

I have got to get my hands on an original Nintendo and a Metroid cartridge.

tipsy texter said...

Nintendo-core! Word.

sornptar said...

my favorite senryus so far. i really like the flow of them all.

you had me at nintendo-core.

you. had me. at. nintendo-core.