Thursday, August 14, 2008

Keeping promises

Is it too self-indulgent to blog about not blogging enough? I'm about to do that.....

Ok, here goes.....................

It's been nearly a month. I tried to keep up with this, and then things got a little crazy!

A while back (may or juneish), I had a mid-twenties crisis. I believed that I was not doing enough productive things. It drove me crazy. I came to the realization that I was 27, and had little to show for it, other than a deli job and an interesting band.

I thought that the way to combat the malaise that I was feeling was to keep the promises I had made to myself in regards to never letting the lazy bug hit me. First off, I've started taking teaching courses through In one year, I should have my own class. I'll tell more about this later.

I have rekindled my interest in Fresh Millions, and am now performing in the Beautiful Supermachines, bring my band total up to 3, which is nearing ridiculousness. I'm writing sports columns for Austin entertainment magazine, and need to get to writing a column for the High hat, as Hayden is patiently awaiting my submission. I spent the last few weeks moving into a beautiful home with my wonderful fiancee. Last week, we also visited new orleans, where I saw friends and family, recorded an album w/ I Octopus, visited 7 reception halls (and found a great one), and visited the church where we plan to wed (Blessed Ceelo's in the bywater)

So I responded to my previous malaise by oversaturating myself with activities. This is really cool, but I hope I don't drive myself crazy.

There are stories to tell. Crazy Whole Foods Guy hit-and-running my car while at work is a good one to tell in the future.

Just not now. Time for bed. Two columns to finish by tomorrow evening.