Wednesday, September 20, 2006

the life and times

my mind is a jumbled mess.
3 bands in Austin, 1 in New Orleans
relationships with 2 cities
and one girl
infinite job opportunities
double infinite upcoming life decisions
2 potential new living situations in austin, both of which may or may not happen (though the kaydee and dustin house is looking pretty definite)

OK. so one half hearted decision is to finally enroll in school - Why not teach. Hell, I know I have the skill. I'm generally coming to consistent, daily realizations that my life is mundane, droll, and that my brain is slowly atrophying.

Sounds depressing? Well, it's really not all THAT bad for me. It's just average. Totally average. I'm not excited about about anything to jump into it, and not frustrated enough with anything to let it go.

I know to take advantage of these next two days off of work.

One definite area of frustration is my lack of patience with music - I am musically unfulfilled in Austin - I don't have the same passion to promote, and nobody in any of my 3 bands does any promotion either. The only one of my bands that seems to want to book shows/tell people about their shows/promote on a regular basis is Mumpsie - and that's a seemingly pseudo-temporary project because Alex is moving back to Florida to be with his lady friend

There's so much more, trust me - but nothing I can safely post. Never know who reads these things, anyway.

Hey - i did wash 5 loads of clothes today, and paid my credit card bill on time. Trust me, that's a step up for me in the arena of personal discipline and responsibility.

Now I need to start riding my new bike. I got a speeding ticket last night for 58 in a 45. Lame. My van is old and running funny, and i'm real tired of driving.