Saturday, June 17, 2006

I can do stuff!

I'm in love with the fact that i no longer have food poisoning. So I had food poisoning, and it was really really bad, and i probably lost weight by painfully excreting everything from my system, primarily through puking.

So when i had it, i consistantly thought to myself, "Hey, Brandon, just a few days, you'll actually be able to do stuff again!"

Now I can. Awesomeness.

There is a very snobby girl from hollywood in my department at whole foods who always tells me that I'm doing something wrong. She never tells me how to the correct the problem, though, and none of my other coworkers seem to think that I am doing things wrong.

Therefore, I hereby surmise that SHE is the problem, not I.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

not the first you've heard, but the first I wrote

So I have not posted recently primarily because it does require a small amount of mental energy for me to be able to write in complete sentences. Lately, this energy has been missing due to working 2 jobs (about 60 hrs. a week) and practicing with 2 bands.

My schedule is clearing up gradually, however (I put in my 2 weeks at the depot)...and so is my brain. Sometimes I feel like I'm just not treating my brain very well. And my brain is not a muscle that I can allow to atrophy.

Anyway, last night I saw Shellac play at Emo's. My head still hurts. What a loud, dissonant, nasty, charismatic, enigmatic, confrontational band! Some jerk in the crowd downed too much E, and proceeded to make life annoying for half the crowd as he started a one person mosh pit, screamed a lot, and then yelled "I'M SORRY, I'M SO FUCKING SORRY, I TOOK PILLS, I DONT MEAN TO HURT YOU, I LOVE ALL OF YOU GUYS"!!! and then again proceeded to slam full force into the crowd when the music god loud again.

Of course, Bob Weston (Shellac's bass player) eventually hit the jerk in the head with his microphone and calmly asked him to stop being such a jackass. It didn't work. Bob (a pretty big, mean looking guy) then kind of went after him and told him "get the fuck out of here, you're making the show miserable for all these people"....and the guy replied..."I'm SO SORRY, GOD I'M SORRY, I"M FEEL REALLY BAD"....and then the rest of the crowd physically forced him out of the venue. Cheers of course erupted.

There were a few things I liked about this. I really miss when shows were interactive "events", not just rock bands playing and indie rock kids nodding their heads. I enjoyed the danger and the confrontation. This is not to say that there isn't a place for peaceful, friendly, PG-rated shows. I'm down with that too.
In addition, the show was covered, yet outdoors, which basically turned the venue into a furnace. Smelly, sweaty people listening to discordian, nasty, powerful music.........

I just tend to relish any moments that make me feel more alive.

I've also been hiking quite a bit lately. Amy and my Whole Foods friends showed me a new trail....a trail that I will eventually convince Melanie to explore with me.

I'm also auditioning for a new band, apparently. They're called "goodbye, stranger" and they kind of sound like a cross between the violent femmes and the moldy peaches. Simple, fun tunes with sing-along guy/girl melodies. They seem like laid back people, which is good.


In the last month or two, i've jammed with a variety of projects that wanted "committment" from me. And I'm down with committing, eventually. Now, most musicians agree that relationships with bands are similar to romantic relationships with other people. Both involve courtship, drama, incredible highs, and incredible pain. So I become frustrated when a band basically asks for my hand in marraige after one or two practices. Now, I'm one hell of a dedicated musician...I never miss practice, and usually book most of my bands' shows myself.

Now, those hurt badly in romantic relationships tend to be less likely to commit in future relationships. In addition, those hurt badly in musical relationships are distrusting of bands that want committment. I suffer from both of these experiences. Bad experiences bring fear. I fear sticking with a band again unless I know that these are the guys I want to battle with. I'm the same way in relationships as well, though I consistently attempt not to be.


So I like that this band sounds good, and pretty laid back...they're not asking for my hand in marraige. They're not asking for all of my time. In addition, they seem almost as nerdy as me, and they want to hang out this sunday night before we start jamming, which should be a whole lot of fun.

so i smell like salami, and i'm running the bathwater.