Monday, March 30, 2009

Fuck Blogs.


I'm going to keep doing it, I promise. I don't hate all blogs, nor do I necessarily hate my own blog. I just feel like my blog will be taking the place of real-life social interaction, which I'm not really having anyway.

In such a "happening" city such as Austin, and with the amount of good people that I know and wonderful companionships that I share with others, I would really like to not feel glued to my computer, when I should be out and about.

When there is a big event, show, or party, I have more than enough people to share these things with. However, when I crave a day at a coffee shop or a quick beer somewhere, I find difficulty at finding partnership at these endeavors. It bums me out sometimes.

I really have no problems with blogs, per se'; However, if blogging, e-mail, and texting become my primary means of communication with the outside world, some changes will have to be made.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oh Laundromat.

I would love to, at this moment, profess my love for Austin, TX's "Spincycle" - the one on S. Congress is my Laundromat of choice. I am currently washing what amounts to about 15 normal loads of clothes in only about 4 mega-loaders, and should be out in about in hour. However, in case I am not out in about an hour, the place is wi-fi friendly, helping to feed my afwul internet addiction.

Even the homeless people that straggle on in here are alarmingly friendly. What a lovely place!

( I know, you're wondering why, in three months, this is all I have to say. Well, it is not all I have to say. I'm just not in the mood for professing my life story right now)

- anyone ever heard of post-SXSW free show depression??? I think I've gone through that this week. After a week of drunken madness and sleeping three hours a night, I've been in a slump this week, possibly due to the fact that my body still craves alcohol, and I'm living off ice water and hot pockets........and partially because there's just been a lot less fun this week. At least the lady friend is back!